Weed Star Puncher Illusion Double Perc Glass Bong

May 13th, 2011

This amazing 5mm Weed Star Puncher Illusion stands at 60cm tall and features two 3 arm Tree Percolators which lie beneath the ice notches providing one of the nicest, coolest, smoothest hits out there.

Not only does this piece have a beautiful frosted Weed Star Series logo but just above it sits some decorative glass bubbles. Also with a mouthpiece which is subtly worked inside and around the rim giving an impression of white interweaving swirling lines.

Glass Thickness: 5mm
Joint Size: 18.8
Percolator Type: 2 x 3 Arm Tree Percs
Size: 60cm


The Weed Star Mad Professor Percolator 5mm

October 20th, 2010

With the Weed Star Mad Professor now out Weed Star have really raised the bar with their 5mm Weed Star Series and the new high quality percolated bongs. The Mad Professor is literally a reworking of one of the most popular percolated bongs on the market!

As seen in the picture the percolator sits in the middle of the glass bong and is removable for extra easy cleaning and is made to an 18.8 joint size. The chamber features a sandblasted Weed Star logo and looks extra good with a blue coloured mouth piece.

Weight: 950g, Size: 40cm


The Weed Star 5mm Black Jack

October 19th, 2010

The Weed Star 5mm Black Jack has a unique crown mouthpiece and a coloured base which separates this glass bong from the rest. It also has a carb hole but stoppers can be purchased to plug the hole if preferred but a separate slide-bowl which is decorated to match the black comes with the bong anyway.

Here are some of the Black Jacks custom features; Fancy Weed Star logo, carb hole(rush), reinforced solid joint on bong and downtube and custom coloured option bowl and mouthpiece.

Glass thickens; 5mm, Idea Downtube/Diffuser length; 11cm, Weight: 800g, Size; 40cm


The Weed Star Big Mama

October 17th, 2010

The Weed Star Big Mama stands at 50cm tall and has a large egg shaped bubble for her base and a long straight chamber for the smoke to travel through.

Just like all Weed Star bongs the Big Mama is carefully crafted from some the best quality glass in the world which provides the user with a fantastic hit each and every time! There really is no need to spend hundreds on sophisticated arty looking bongs or pipes when Weed Star can provide all you need at a much better price.

Glass Thickness: 4mm, Joint Size: 18.8cm, Ideal Downtube / Diffuser Length: 17.5cm, Weight: 900g, Size: 50cm


Weed Star Bazooka Glass Bong 29.2

October 9th, 2010

This glass Weed Star Bazooka bong is a beast and can boast a joint size of a whooping 29.2mm! The tube also has a massive smoking capacity.

Just like all Weed Star Bongs the Bazooka are fantastic value for such highly optimised and quality bongs. They are expertly crafted from some some great quality glass and provides a great hit every time.

Each Weed Star Bazooka glass bong comes with a separate lift of bowl, a special diffuser and a huge coloured Weed Star logo.

Glass Thickness: 4.2mm, Joint Size: 29.2, Ideal Downtube/Diffuser Length: 12.5cm, Carb-hole: Yes, Weight: 1400g, Size: 50cm


Weed Star Epic Precooler – 18.8

October 3rd, 2010

The superb Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler is a absolute monster! It features a 14-slit in-line diffuser and a 6-arm percolator. This pre-cooler is will fit a 18.8 bowl and a 18.8 bong but do be careful with this monster as it will make lighter bongs top-heavy and possible topple them.

The Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler is suited for most bongs but especially suited for heavier and thicker bongs such as 7mm glass bongs.

With both the Weed Star series and original Weed Star logos sketched on this Weed Star Pre-cooler will make a great addition to any water bong!

Joint Size: 18.8, Percolator: 6-arm, In-line: 14-slit, Weight: 600g, Size: 22cm x 19cm


Weed Star Tomahawk 5mm Glass Bong

September 26th, 2010

This Tomahawk Weed Star bong is a unique series. It is a tall bong standing at 50cm high with curves in all the right places for you to grip it tightly. With a standard carb hole and a separate lift off bowl weed star bongs are a great investment!

This glass Tomahawk bong has some custom features which include; a custom coloured option bowl, reinforced solid joints on the bong and downtube, coloured foot, hand grip, carb/rush hole, blue speck coloured mouthpiece, 4 reductions and a large Weed Star bong logo.

Glass thickness: 5mm, Joint Size: 18.8, Ideal Dowtube or Diffuser length: 14cm, Weight: 950g, Size: 50cm